Tribune Bay Campsite is a private campground situated adjacent to the beautiful Tribune Bay Provincial Park.

Facilities at Tribune Bay Campsite include Men's and Ladies' wash houses, coin-operated hot showers, and a unique and popular playground. The 116 drive-in sites are equipped with burn rings and picnic tables. 18 sites have 15 amp electrical hook-up. Also in walking distance is the local, well-stocked Co-op and Ringside Market, which includes gas bar, ice cream, 2 restaurants, 4 gift shops, and a bike shop.

Because of the delicate water table on Hornby, we are very conservative with water consumption and always suggest that RVs bring a full tank whenever possible. Please do not leave gray water.

We urge all campers to bring some drinking water if it's convenient. We have clean, very practical outhouses and 5 access taps in the grounds with potable drinking water. We ask that you take water to your site for washing up or drinking. Do not run the tap unnecessarily, wash dishes or rinse feet at these taps.

For the same reason, we do not have a dumping station, but suggest in this case that you come empty and leave full. Our water is pumped daily from our wells into storage cisterns, then chlorinated, charcoal filtered, and put through a UV light.

Yes, we offer delicious potable drinking water.
Yes, we appreciate when you bring water and relieve the stress on our wells.
No, there is no dumping station on Hornby Island.
No, we do not allow dumping of gray water in the site.

Check-in time
is anytime after 11am.
Check-out time
is 11am.

We have a recycling center on Hornby that we are very proud of. Due to our sorting efforts, very little garbage becomes landfill. Other refuse is sorted daily by our staff. Nine recycling centers in the campground are clearly labeled and emptied daily for your convenience.

Each site is unique and we try to place campers in an effort to make sure that everyone gets along. If you plan to come, please call first. Tell us your special needs - large tent? Lots of kids? Honeymooning? We want to avoid disappointment after two ferry rides to get here. If you're a last minute camper, watch for the "campsites full" sign at Buckley Bay.

Check-in time is anytime after 11am. Check-out time is 11am. We request that you please check out by 11 am and leave your site tidy in respect for other campers checking in and for us to ensure the site is ready. All music MUST be off and quiet time begins at 10pm. If you must bay at the moon, we invite you to take a stroll on the beach, while fellow-campers enjoy the precious peace of Hornby.

Dogs are welcome, on a leash, cleaned up after, and not left unattended.

Many campers bring bicycles. There are many trails on the island for biking, from leisurely easy-riding to advanced technical down-hill. There are also many beautiful hikes/walks on beaches and trails. One of the best ways to see Hornby's natural beauty is from kayaks. The rock formations and varied flora and fauna provide a rich, natural setting for summer fun. If you like rocks, beaches, trees, friendly people, good food, good health, practical, earth-conscious thinking, you'll probably want to check out Hornby Island.


Basic Charge: $43.00 per night - RV or tenting.

Sites with Power: $48.00. per night - RV or tenting.

Cyclists/Backpackers with tent: $35.00 per night.

Additional Children (Over age 6): $5.00 per night.

Additional Adults (Over age 18): $10.00 per night.

All applicable taxes included.

Price includes 4 persons.
Maximum 6 persons allowed per site (see additional persons fee).
Maximum 2 vehicles allowed per site.(any motored vehicle)
Dogs permitted on leash only, never left alone in your site.
Children under 6 are no extra charge, but included in maximum 6.

Please note the following when booking your site:
  1. Reservation fee of $10.00 per site. Non-refundable.
  2. Minimum reservation period at any time is 2 nights. Our policy is no refund for a 2-night reservation if party stays only 1 night. No refunds are granted due to bad weather on the second night as we observe the policy that camping is an all-weather pastime.
  3. Deposits: Minimum deposit will be 2 nights fees for any length of stay for each spot.
  4. Should you wish to stay only one night without making a booking we can advise that we sometimes have cancellations but don't recommend taking a chance. Once the ferry stops running for the day, you could be stuck.
  5. Unfortunately we cannot accept reservations for long weekends for less than 3 nights at a time.
  6. Deposits must be received upon making reservation and be secured by Visa or Mastercard.
  7. Cancellation Policy: Reservations must be cancelled one week prior to reservation date to qualify for a refund. A $10.00 service charge will apply.
  8. Early departure: there will be a penalty of $15 for each day reserved, but not used. Day 1 and 2 are no-refundable. 
Cancellations and Changes:

To qualify for a cancellation refund we must receive notification 7 days or more prior to your first night reserved. All cancellations require notice by email. No cancellations are accepted by phone. If we do not receive notice, or if the notice is received within 7 days, the full cost is non-refundable. Notification of cancellation provided 7 days or more prior to the first night reserved results in a $35.00 service charge for each individual site booked. Please send cancellation notification to

To qualify for a reservation change we must receive notification 7 days or more prior to your first night reserved. All changes require notice by email only. No date changes are accepted by phone. Notification of reservation change provided 7 days or more prior to the first night reserved results in a $15.00 service change. Please send change notification to There are no fees to add additional days to a reservation.

Once you arrive:
  1. The balance of your camping fees is due upon arrival. There is no need to check out unless requested.
  2. Nuisance fee: $300.00 deposit may be required upon arrival. This is an opportunity for new visitors to assure us that they are not here to cause problems. We want to protect our customers and this policy helps us to feel confident that our rules will be observed. Any disturbance resulting in complaints or early checkout by neighbouring campers will mean automatic application of this fee.
  3. No unauthorized visitors.

Please be aware that rules and regulations have been laid out with the intention of Happy Camping for each and everyone. Practice respect and the following will not apply:



For reservations: