June 1st, 2021 – September 1st, 2021. Hours of work on average 30/week @ $15/hr.

Includes accommodation in a trailer, laundry, wifi.

In the office: Data input and customer service. Receiving campers in a busy campground. Documenting reservations and payments. Must be mature, detail-oriented, computer savvy, highly accurate in spelling and math skills.

Before opening for the season, there are prep chores like raking, painting and setting up camp. 

When the season opens, the job includes some cleaning shifts, i.e. showers, outhouses, wash houses, and cleaning campsites.



Helpful attributes: clean driver’s license, problem solver, smoke free, healthy, cheerful, enjoys variety, physically fit, aligns with our philosophy of preserving the natural beauty of the island by recycling and showing respect for all.

Must have a clean driver's license.

Job Type: Full-time, Temporary

Salary: $15.00 /hour

To apply please send resumes to : rightaction777@gmail.com